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The Jar Post

I don’t like to rank my Top Ten Best Events, but I did this time–because although all the Post-Its were good, these hold different levels of importance.

10. The Beer Pong Tournament – My first ever college party, and I had more fun than I ever thought I could while sober and socializing. It was here that I realized that I really liked people in my fraternity–and that maybe, just maybe, they liked me.

9. The Holy Trinity – I’m not sure where this ridiculous and irrelevant name came from, but during Finals week I religiously hungout with two people in my frat. We started calling ourselves the Holy Trinity ironically, and the name sort of stuck. It’s an unexpected trio, but such a fun one.

8. Wine and Cheese – This is the party that happens the night after new members get inducted into my fraternity. My second ever college party, and I had a ton of fun. It’s also the night I got together with my Boyfriend.

7. Bro Bonding – A trip we do towards the end of every semester–this year was my first one. It was a learning experience, but also really good. Also, I fell down the stairs twice and sprained my ankle.

6. Making Mark Cry – I know it seems like a really awful thing to have, especially so high on the list. But he cried for a good reason. I think if this night had never happened, he wouldn’t be alive anymore.

5. Sushi with Squad – I have a core group of friends from high school I try to meet up with during every major break. Seeing them right before the start of Sophomore year was the best way to end my summer. It’s always nice to remember where I came from, and how far we’re all going to go.

4. Biloxi – Alright, so I realized that there were 4 different Post-Its with Biloxi related events written on them. I live about two hours away from Biloxi, and spent many-a summer night there. It’s my new go-to Runaway and Think place.

3. The Boyfriend – “I’m going to say something,” I told my Best Friend while I drove us back to my house after a night out. “And you might think that I say stuff like this all the time, so maybe it won’t mean anything. But I’m going to say it. And maybe I’m wrong! But I’m going to say it anyway…I think I’m going to marry him.”

2. Brother of the Month – I think if I hadn’t been voted Brother of the Month, I wouldn’t have become so invested in my fraternity. I didn’t realize my presence was valued until I received this privilege, and I’m forever grateful for the recognition.

1. Δ – I got this tattoo in July. A delta. As a means of reminding myself of the importance of change–of its inevitability. To welcome it, to reach for it, to remind myself that I will change every day, that I can change every day. Maybe not the tattoo itself is most important–though I do love it–but rather the moment I learned this lesson is the best thing that happened to me in 2016. Because it was a terrible moment when it happened, and it was a lot of terrible things that happened leading to that moment, but everything after that has been good. Nothing has been worse than what my life was like before that moment. My life started again, after a year and a half being paused, after that moment.

So I’m a few days late, but I’ve still got to say it:

See you never, 2016. You had your good moments (see above) but otherwise, you sucked. I hope your successor is better.




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