Dear Hillary,

I am a “millennial.” I voted. For you.

I went to bed at 10PM tonight, because I was so anxious that my body physically could not stay awake for the election results.

I woke up at 4:32AM to the news that Donald Trump is the next President of the United States.

I am a female, LGBT, person of color. I am in college. I am working class. I am Southern. I am surrounded by people who support Donald Trump.

And still, somehow, it seems unreal.

I’m sure it seems more unreal for you. I’m sure the disappointment is crippling. I’m sure the anger, frustration, and overwhelming sadness is life-ruining. I’m sure you’re wondering how a country can vote based off of fear, and not hope, or progress. I know I am.

I’m sure you know that you will not be able to express your disappointment. That attacks against you do not stop because the election has been won. That being a female politician just became about ten times harder; that being a female American in general just became even more so.

I do not know if this is normal. I do not know if the overwhelming panic and fear that I am experiencing is how Republicans felt when Obama won, or Democrats when Bush did. This is my first time around a presidential election, after all.

I am asking for you to give me hope. You may not have much left right now, and I want you to know I understand that. But you got closer than any woman ever has to being President of the United States. You were willing to be the face of this country. You were willing to lead us. I’m asking you to lead us right now, anyway. Lead us to hope.

This fear is warping my–well, my everything. My desire to be American, for sure. I am asking you to reassure me that these four years are not the end. That complacency will not prevail. That education will reach the working class in a way which sticks.That change will come after Donald Trump.

Give me hope that the change will be good, one day.

I’m begging you.


P.S- If you haven’t heard/read her concession speech, you definitely should. I begged; she answered.


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